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Hello; -- I am not sure if this is the same BARC that we used for adoption of our beautiful Layla. Back on February 5, 2000, I took my wife Barbara out to Pet Smart in Temecula to adopt another dog. You see our beloved Goldie had passed from kidney disease and I wanted to give my bride a special gift on her birthday! ----- Well, that visit resulted in the adoption of Layla, BARC was the sponsor and she was the most beautiful, loving pet anyone could ever ask for. From Feb 5th that year we had many many good times with Layla. She lived inside our home with us and was very well behaved. Never a problem of any kind. She slept with us, ate with us, and were a family. Layla was sweet and loving to everyone she met. ----- Barbara and I had moved from our home in Corona where Layla lived out most of her time with Barb and I. We moved to Menifee in January of 2006. Layla loved her new home too. She was so full of life. ----- Yesterday, we noticed that Layla was not herself. Over time she had become tired, would not chase the ball that she dearly loved to do. She would not eat, and that was definitely not Layla. We decided that we had better take Layla to an emergency pet clinic on Sunday, & like a ton of bricks hit us, found that Layla had a tumor the size of a cantelope in her abdomen. After extensive testing the Doctor found that most likely the tumor had matasticized into vital organs. Barbara and I were faced with an immediate decision to have surgery that at best could by her six months, or to put her down. ----- Barbara and I had six wonderful years with that dog. Some of the best times we ever had were with Layla. She used to love to go to the dog beach at Huntington and play ball all day long. We took her on a high sierra fishing/camping trip one year and she loved every minute of it. ----- Layla was my wifes best friend. Barbara has several hobbies such as geneology, scrap booking, gardening etc. While Barb sat at her desk working Layla would be under the desk with her. If Barb moved, so did Layla. They were quite a pair. Every where Barbara went so went Layla. Yesterday, we lost a dear friend that will never be forgotten. ----- This is for anyone interested in adoption. The pain of the loss of a loved one is immense, and today, one day later the pain is no less than yesterday. However, had we not visited Pet Smart that day in February 2000, we would have never known the love of Layla. ----- Mike and Barbara

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