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A litter of 6
The second time I fostered for BARC I took home a beautiful and extremely playful litter of 6. I only have a picture of the Siamese duo or I'd show them all. They were about 4 weeks old. The man who turned them into us wouldn't give us the mother, even though we told him without mom's milk they could die. I hope he at least got mom fixed. I was able to spend about 4 days with them all. They were so awesome, such little individuals with neat little movements and features, full of life and so cute to watch. I could watch them play and never tire of it; they made us all smile so easily. Then they began to get sick. In the space of just a few days (even with medical care) they all died, one by one. I wish the man had listened to us. I can't help but think if they had stayed with mom 2 more weeks at least they would have had the nutrition (and the immunity from most diseases) from her milk, as well as her special love and care. I'm a poor mom compared to the real thing. They would have made such wonderful family members for 6 lucky people. I think of kittens as individual little life’s, with feelings like mine, the ability to feel sad, lonely, scared, happy, content, secure...just like me. If they need care, I feel not only is it my pleasure to help them, but my responsibility. I wish the man who left them in his garage for 4 weeks then dumped them on us had felt that way. I still foster kittens. Each one is special and unique. They are an absolute joy to foster and I plan to foster as long as I possibly can. In memory of: -- ** Joker - a black spotted on long white silky fur jersey cow kitten that had the top cat personality. ** Ratty - a tiny Siamese, the runt, with a very long skinny tail and the first one to find a warm lap to sleep in. ** Jester - my favorite, a spotted cow like his brother, and such a little love bug, he like to be held in my lap as much as I loved having him there. ** Funny Face - A cute little Tuxedo, very calm and quiet, with a bright pink nose and an almost froggy look to his face. He was so cute. ** Simon - The most playful. A Siamese with white markings (he is the top cat in the picture). He loved to snuggle with his sister when he wasn't chewing on her. ** Precious - She was the first one sick, but she held out, got better, and we thought she was going to make it. After her littermates died she lived 4 days seemingly healthy and happy. She perched on our shoulders like a little parakeet. Her Siamese markings were so pretty, she was quite the dainty little lady. She went to sleep fat and healthy and died in the night. We were shocked. — They did have good lives at the end. They were pampered and well cared for while in my care. They made us all smile and laugh. I sure will miss all 6 of those innocent little angels.

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