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12 Reasons Your Might Have a Bad Day If:
1] You woke up in a strange place001 2] You keep losing things005
3] Your new diet doesn't seem to be working 002 4] Your new hat looked better on you at the store004
5] You pulled a muscle while trying to exercise003 6] The boss chewed you out at work007
10] Traffic on the way home was brutal010 9] You feel trapped somehow... 009
12] You're home alone and you hear a noise in the basement
6] You feel like you're in the wrong place at the wrong time006
11] You think you might be coming down with the flu
12] You got caught in the rain at lunchtime008

Blinking Puppies

I will never bring about world peace. I won't single handily save the rain forest. I am not a brain surgeon, and I will never transplant an organ to save a life. I don't have the mouth of a powerful politician. I can't end world hunger. I am not a celebrity, and God knows I am not glamorous! I am not looked up to by millions around the world, very few people even recognize my name. I will never win a Nobel prize, or end global warming, there are a lot of things I will never do or become.... but today I placed a dog!! It was a small, scared bundle of flesh and bones that was dropped off in a shelter by people who claimed to love it, they didn't care what happened to it, but yet were responsible for its very existence in the first place. I found it a home, a FOREVER home!! It now has contentment and an abundance of love, a warm place to sleep and plenty to eat. Two little boys have a warm and fuzzy new friend who will love them unquestioning, and teach them about responsibility and love. A wife and a mother has a new spirit to nurture and care for. A husband and father has a companion to sit at his feet at the end of a hard days work. .No, I am not a rocket scientist... But TODAY, I made a difference! -- Author Unknown --

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